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The List of Participants for SMSM 2014 Has Been Finalized

The official list of accepted participants for the conference has been completed.

Having finished our selection process we are pleased to announce the list of accepted participants for presentations as well as those accepted for posters.  All details have been included in the individual emails to the participants.  Any further questions or comments can be sent to linisevents@hse.ru.

Accepted for Presentations:

1. Thomas Ralph Davidson - The Paradox of (Anti)Social Media: An Analysis of the Conflicting Framing of a Far-Right Social Movement and Its Participants on Facebook

2. Nael Jebril and Mathew Loveless - New Media Audiences in Egypt: Individual Media Consumption After the Arab Spring
3. Daniel Alexandrov, Vadim Voskresenskiy and Kirill Sukharev - Online Communication and Offline Coordination in Large Housing Complexes
4. Alexei Gorgadze and Daniel Daniel Alexandrov - Virtual Transnational Movements in the Caucasus
5. Benjamin Lind - Contrasting Protest and Mundanity: Centralization and Cohesion in Opposition Communication Networks
6. Peter Meylakhs - An AIDS-Denialist Online Community in a Russian Social Networking Service: Patterns of Interactions with the Newcomers and Rhetorical Strategies of Persuasion
7. Martin Portos Garcia and Brais Álvarez Pereira -  The Infrastructure of Revolts: Internet, Game Theory and Complex Networks in the Arab Spring
8. Mans Jakob Svensson - Social Media, Power and Positionings in a Swedish Middle-Class Activist Demand
9. Nikita Savin - Social Media and Political Discourse in Russia
10. Galina Selivanova and Dmitriy Goncharov - Movement for Fair Elections in Saint Petersburg: From Connective to Collective Action
11. Yuri Rykov - AIDS Dissident Virtual Community in "VK" SNS: Perspectives for Quantitative Study of Social Structure
12. Maria Rosén - A fFy on the Wall or a Fly in the Face? Methodological Concerns in Online Participant-Observations
13. Nora Kirkizh - Impact of the Internet on Citizen Protest Activity: Cross-Country Analysis
14. Cecilie Einarson Pérez - Tweeting the Frame Fields and Frames in the Age of the Networked Individual
15. Fahmida Zaman - Social Media and Social Movement: a Comparison between Shahbag Movement and Hefazat-e-Islam in Bangladesh
16. Muhammad Zubair Iqbal - Countering the Extremist Narrative Online: The Pakistani Perspective
17. Ilya Kiriya - Sochi 2014 Online Discourse: Between National Pride and Intolerance
18. Olessia Koltsova, Galina Selivanova and Daria Yudenkova - Do the Online and the Offline Realms of Social Movements Meet Each Other: the Case of St.Petersburg Observers
19. Olga Logunova and Pavel Lebedev - The Observers of Moscow Election: Online Discourse in Social Media
20. Tatiana Indidna – Who Online Leaders Are: Investigating Personality ofRussian Bloggers and Activists
21. Hussni Nasr - Social Media and Social Movements in The Arab World A Case Study of The 25th January Revolution in Egypt
22. Vicente Rodríguez Ortega - The Leftovers of the Spanish 15M Revolution on the Internet
23. Oleg Yanitsky - The USSR/Russian Environmental Movement Evolution 1960-2012: From Traditional to Digital Networking
24. Cecilia Strand and Jakob Svensson - Can the Concept “Political Opportunity Structure” Inform M4D Research?
25. Galina Gradoselskaya - Grouping Politically Active Communities on Facebook by Method of Grain Clustering
26. T. Padmanabhan and C. Pichandy - Facebook People’ Participation on Online Movements: An Empirical Study of Inter-state Conflict Issue Between Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India.
27. Gerard Edward Hall - Social Media and the UK 2014 EU Election : An Exploration of the Motivation for Social Media Users to Discuss the Process
28. Fardin Alikhah - Sammaneh Kohestani Virtual social networks and environmental activism
Accepted for Posters:

1. Anna Orlova - Digital Activism in Youth Organisations as a Means of Participation in European Political Processes

2. Fedor Marchenko - School Children and Informal Online Education
3. Elena Bogomyagkova - Role of Social Movements in the Construction of Social Problems
4. Zvi Bar'El - From Dissent to Participation: Social Media and the Delineating of the Political Sphere in Egypt
5. Mohsen Goudarzi Goudarzi - Cyber-Political Behavior of Iranian People in Virtual Social Networks: Case Study of Facebook and Google Plus
6. Francesco Bolici - Permanently Beta: How Social Dynamics (and Movements) Emerge in Distributed Networks
7. Elena Bogdanova - Public Video Applications of Citizens and Development of Digital Democracy in Contemporary Russia: a Case of Alexei Dymovskii
8. Anna Zhelnina - Urban Activism Virtual and Real: Social Media and Urban Interventions in Contemporary Russia
9. Ayotunde Alao – The Influence of Social Media on the Occupy Nigeria Movement
10. Anna Sanina - Creating Democracies and Identities: the Role of “New Media”